Secure Rail 2017
You've been busy, assuring yourself you have plenty of time, that the end of Early Bird pricing is weeks away. Or, maybe you saw the 5 Reasons to attend Secure Rail 2018 and thought, "I need to learn more."

Either way, the time has come. At midnight on Friday, February 23rd, Early Bird prices will officially end. Here's your chance AND opportunity to save money on this exclusive rail conference.

Early Bird Ticket $749
Regular Ticket $949

If you still need convincing, consider advice from expert presenters speaking at Secure Rail 2017:
"The most important subject in the railroad industry is safety. We all want passengers, users of grade crossings as well as engineers and railroad workers to get home safely. That implies a need for people, asset and technology security. And that's what the conference is all about."

Lex van der Poel & Ellen Linnenkamp - Strukton Rail
Secure Rail was created in an effort to bridge the gap between emerging technologies, and rail security. We are confident you will take home a great deal of knowledge and operational insight from the event this year. We realize there are a lot of conferences to choose from. This year, we urge you to add Secure Rail to your calendar.

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