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Progressive Railroading

January 2021 Editorial Lineup

Cover Story:

Rio Grande's uncommon path to short-line success

Based in Fort Worth, Texas, Rio Grande Pacific Corp. (RGPC) is a privately held holding company that owns four short lines and provides signal construction and design, equipment remanufacturing and dispatching services. Since the company was formed in 1986, its number of employees has grown from two to more than 300 and number of track miles has climbed to 700.

Growth continues to be a key objective for RGPC, which over the past few years has carried out transactions and forged plans to help foster it in ways that are atypical in the short-line industry.… Read Full Preview Here


Annual Grade Crossing Update

Fatalities resulting from train-vehicle collisions at grade crossings are much lower than they were in the past. But federal, state and railroad industry officials continue to call for new strategies to further drive down the number of crossing incidents.

For example, freight and passenger railroads continue to educate… Read Full Preview Here


Locomotive Remanufacturing

For the most part, railroads haven't been buying locomotives in recent years, and 2021 very likely will be more of the non-purchasing same. But the power units railroads do have in revenue service still need to be serviced, repaired, overhauled… Read Full Preview Here


Railroad Bridge Projects

With thousands of their bridges aging and deteriorating each year, railroads keep working to ensure the heavily used structures are safe and sound… Read Full Preview Here

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Acacia Reber

Acacia Reber

Regional Sales Manager