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Progressive Railroading December 2019 Editorial Lineup

Cover Story:

Outlook 2020

How are North American railroaders gearing up for 2020? Where do they see growth and challenges? For answers, we check in with Class I CEOs to get their takes… Click to read full preview.


Outlook for Railroad Contracting

Freight railroads and transit agencies continue to contract out for a range of infrastructure needs, from system extensions to project oversight to general upkeep. We ask a range of contractors: What does 2020 look like?… Click to read full preview.

Passenger Rail:

Focus on Amtrak

Amtrak turns 50 in 2020. This month, Progressive Railroading examines the national intercity passenger railroad's goals, opportunities and challenges as it heads into its fifth decade of providing service. Among the goals: break even financially in FY2021.… Click to read full preview.


Freight-Car Forecast

Freight-car order activity can be a barometer of the rail industry's health. What's the car-order outlook for 2020?… Click to read full preview.


Friction Modifiers/Rail Lubrication

Companies that produce track lubricants and friction modifiers continue to develop products and systems to help railroads reduce lateral forces, wheel flange and rail wear… Click to read full preview.

Bonus Distribution:

National Railroad Construction and Maintenance Association Annual Conference & Exhibition (Jan. 5-8, 2020, San Diego) and Midwest Association of Rail Shippers Winter Meeting (Jan. 15-18, 2020, Lombard, Illinois)

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