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November 2018 — Issue Preview
Last chance to advertise in our November issue
Cover Story:
Railroads Go Green
When it comes to moving goods and people long distances, rail typically is viewed as one of the "greener" options. For instance, trains are four times more fuel efficient than their over-the-road counterparts — a statistic regularly touted by the Association of American Railroads. On top of that, railroads large and small continue to pursue a range of initiatives to make their operations leaner, cleaner and more environmentally friendly. Every year, each Class I issues a report highlighting efforts to reduce greenhouse gases and improve fuel efficiency.

So, what are some of the newest trends on the sustainability front? What does the future of rail sustainability look like? And how does sustainability impact the bottom line? Associate Editor Daniel Niepow checks in with Class Is and other roads to get a clearer picture.
Ed Hamberger, Progressive Railroading's 2018 Railroad Innovator Award Winner
In May, Progressive Railroading announced that Association of American Railroads President and CEO Ed Hamberger was the 2018 recipient of our Railroad Innovator Award. Hamberger will receive the award at Progressive Railroading's RailTrends® conference (Nov. 29–Nov. 30).

Since taking AAR's reins in 1998, Hamberger — who will retire April 6, 2019 — has helped the freight-rail industry navigate periods of economic change and regulatory uncertainty. He's consistently (and nimbly) advocated for a balanced regulatory environment — one that has enabled railroads to post continued record private investment in infrastructure. Hamberger also has fostered innovation on the government relations front, leading the way as the industry entered the public-private partnership realm. Along the way, he's been focused on clearing a path to help railroads develop and deploy new safety technologies.

Editor Pat Foran recently visited AAR headquarters in Washington, D.C., to talk with Hamberger about his life and rail career. The story developed from that interview (and other conversations) appears in this issue.
In Transit:
Passenger Rail & Public Private Partnerships
In times of tight budgets and limited use of taxpayer-funded revenue sources, transit-rail agencies have turned to public-private partnerships (PPP) to help make certain projects a reality. Now the Federal Transit Administration is pushing the PPP concept even more, with a new pilot project aimed at faster delivery of transit projects by requiring the use of PPPs. This month, we'll examine the types of PPPs that transit agencies may use, along with examples of transit-rail PPP projects.
MOW Product Roundup:
Rail Fasteners
Railroads continue to seek fastening solutions that are stronger, yet economical, easy to install, last longer and offer multiple applications. In this month's product roundup, suppliers share information on their fastener and fastening system product lines.
Rail-Car Repair Market Update
How's business in the North American rail-car repair segment? Have repair shops been seeing more work coming their way in recent months? If so, where's it coming from? If not: What rail industry issues or economic factors seem to be preventing it? How have shops adjusted their 2018 plans accordingly? How are they preparing for what's to come? For answers, we talk with a cross-section of rail-car repair shop officials.
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Progressive Railroading's RailTrends® 2018, Nov. 29–30, 2018, at the Marriott Marquis New York City. For more information, visit

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