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New England Railroad Club 2018 Rail Tech Conference (March 22, 2018, Worcester, Massachusetts) and the ASLRRA 2018 Connections Convention (April 7-10, 2018, Nashville, Tennessee)

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March Articles


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2018 Media Kit

Progressive Railroading: March 2018
Cover Story:
Union Pacific Is Paving Its Own Technological Way
Union Pacific Railroad is pursuing a host of emerging technologies to improve operations, enhance the customer experience, reduce costs and bolster safety. UP aims to "track on innovation's forefront" - as the railroad's senior executives characterize it - to help ensure the latest and greatest technologies are employed. But unlike many other railroads, UP strives to develop most of its own technologies. Examples include Sensor X, a rail-embedded device that can identify potential accident-causing issues; an advance arrival notification system through which conductors report deliveries electronically in real time; and Machine Vision portals that can create 3D models for more accurately inspecting a passing train.

What have they developed recently? What else is coming? Managing Editor Jeff Stagl visits UP's HQ in Omaha, Nebraska, to talk all-things-technology with Chief Information Officer Lynden Tennison, Chief Marketing Officer Beth Whited, and other senior execs.
Short Lines and Big Data
Railroads big and small continue to tap into the Internet of Things (IoT), using a range of technologies to gather and analyze data from various sources. And, they're using those analyses to better manage operations and consider new ways of doing business. How are small railroads faring on the IoT-tapping front? How are they incorporating Big Data-related strategies into their planning and technology investment mixes? A cross-section of short-line leaders tell us what they're working on and thinking about in this brave new data world.
Passenger Rail Focus:
Caltrain's Electrification Project
It was a long time coming, but the Caltrain electrification project is finally under construction. Slated for completion in 2021, the nearly $2 billion project calls for electrifying the rail corridor between San Francisco and San Jose, California; installing a positive train control system in the corridor; and acquiring new high-performance electric trains. This month, we'll take a closer look at the project and what it will mean for transportation in the region and state.
Vegetation Management Equipment/Services
Weeds can foul ballast and create drainage problems along track, while trees and shrubs can encroach on a right of way or hinder sight lines at a grade crossing. So, keeping pesky vegetation growth in check is a primary maintenance-of-way goal for railroads. A cross-section of suppliers and service providers offer information on their respective offerings.
Rail Yard Technology
For railroads, getting cars through yards quickly is critical to reducing dwell times, maintaining transit times, increasing yard efficiency and controlling operating costs. Technology - from switch control to automatic shunting to event recorders to a range of digital solutions - helps railroads keep yards fluid. A cross-section of providers of rail yard control technology share information on today's products and systems.
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