Outlook 2018-The Year Ahead in Rail is the perfect read to catapult you into next year and when you advertise within this issue, you can close 2017 by making new connections and starting new conversations with prospects.
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Progressive Railroading's December cover story: Outlook 2018 — The Year Ahead for Rail, is an immensely popular article, certain to attract the attention of thousands of rail executives. It's the perfect read to catapult you into next year and when you advertise within this issue, you can close 2017 by making new connections and starting new conversations with prospects. In addition to our cover story, we've got a full slate of informative articles, providing news and analysis on the industry better than any other media outlet.

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2018 Media Kit

Progressive Railroading: December 2017
Cover Story:
Outlook 2018 — The Year Ahead for Rail
How are North American railroaders gearing up for 2018? Where do they see growth? Challenges regarding same? For answers, we check in with Class I CEOs to get their takes on the potential for rail traffic volume growth, and what obstacles they believe they'll need to overcome in the year ahead. We'll also ask transit agency leaders to share their goals for and concerns about 2018, and how they plan to grow/retain ridership for their respective agencies.
Focus on Amtrak:
The National Passenger Railroad is 'Ready to Build'
This fall, Amtrak unveiled its "Ready to Build" campaign promoting five major infrastructure projects that Amtrak officials say are critical to building a modern U.S. passenger-rail system. What are the projects? Why are they key? And how should the railroad's leaders attempt to convince a skeptical Congress to include big Amtrak projects in a national infrastructure program? This month, we'll explore those questions and more.
Outlook for Railroad Contracting
Freight railroads and transit agencies continue to contract out for a range of infrastructure needs, from system extensions to project oversight to general upkeep. We ask a range of contractors the following questions: What does 2018 look like? Will it be better than 2017? Similar? Worse? Why? What is your 2018 forecast for the railroad contracting segment in general, and/or for your business? How are you preparing for what you believe is ahead? We'll share their responses in a special section in the December issue. For industry perspective, we'll also talk with National Railroad Construction and Maintenance Association President Chuck Baker.
Freight-Car Market Outlook
Freight-car order activity can be a barometer of the rail industry's health. What's the car-order outlook for 2018? Which car types will be in demand? Richard Kloster, senior vice president and chief commercial officer for AllTranstek LLC, shares his projections and insights.
Positive Train Control — An Implementation Update
Dozens of freight and commuter railroads have about one year left to meet the federal deadline for implementing positive train control (PTC) systems. Unless they fulfill the Federal Railroad Administration's criteria for a special two-year extension, the Class Is and commuter roads impacted by the federal mandate must have PTC fully in place by Dec. 31, 2018. So with just months to go, how is implementation faring? What are the major tasks that still need to be completed? Is complying with the deadline at all in jeopardy? To find out, we check in with a cross section of railroads.
MOW Product Update:
Hi-Rail Equipment
When it comes to meeting demands in every segment of the hi-rail marketplace — from light-duty trucks to rail gear to maintenance-of-way vehicles — suppliers continue to provide versatile equipment that's reliable, easy to use and affordable. What's new in the hi-rail equipment market these days? And: What's not exactly new, but still in demand? This month, an array of hi-rail equipment manufacturers share information on their product offerings.