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With bonus distribution at three upcoming major rail shows (Railway Interchange 2017, Intermodal Association of North America Intermodal Expo 2017 and American Public Transportation Association 2017 Annual Meeting and Expo), the September issue of Progressive Railroading is one of the most anticipated and best read issues of the year.

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We will be closing the issue on August 24th, so secure your space by contacting your Regional Sales Manager today!

Here's some of the in-depth editorial coverage you'll find in the September issue:

PR's September Issue

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2017 Media Kit

Progressive Railroading: September 2017
Cover Story:
Progressive Railroading's 2017 Rising Stars
In 2013, Progressive Railroading created the Rising Stars recognition program as a way to highlight — and celebrate — some of the industry's up-and-comers. For the past four years, we've asked readers to help us identify 20 individuals under the age of 40 who are making a positive difference in the rail industry.

Earlier this year, readers nominated more than 220 individuals who appear to be well on their way to successful careers. From that group, we selected the 2017 roster of Rising Stars. Honored at a July 23 recognition dinner in St. Louis, this year's class comprises a diverse set of men and women chosen based on their contributions to the industry, career achievements, demonstrated leadership, professional association activity or community involvement. This month, we feature profiles of our 2017 Rising Stars.
Class I Focus:
Q&A with Canadian Pacific CEO Keith Creel
Keith Creel became president and CEO of Canadian Pacific on Jan. 31 after E. Hunter Harrison left the Class I and later assumed the CEO post at CSX. Since Creel took the helm, he has tried to mold CP according to his own management style, away from the deep organizational cuts and tumultuous change that colored Harrison's five-year reign.

Creel is working to address morale that eroded under Harrison by holding town hall meetings with workers, relaxing a CP policy on suspensions and firings, and reviving the beaver logo that was popular with CPers. He's also toiling to increase profits, cut costs and drive down the operating ratio — objectives that drove Harrison — while keeping what he believes is an iconic company on the path to growth and efficiency. That means continuing to find ways to bolster service performance and boost productivity without making drastic cuts or changes. How will Creel transform CP into the shape he envisions? What are the challenges he faces during the molding process? We hold a question-and-answer session with the new CP leader to find out.
Short-Line Focus:
Genesee & Wyoming Inc. at 40
In 1977, Mortimer Fuller III purchased a controlling interest in the Genesee & Wyoming Railroad Co. (GNWR) a 14-mile short line that primarily served one customer. The great grandson of Edward Fuller, who purchased the GNWR out of bankruptcy in 1899, Mortimer Fuller went on to diversify the railroad's business and greatly grow the firm through acquisitions. The company the Fullers built now is a short-line-holding behemoth, with 122 owned or leased regionals and short lines in North America, Europe and Australia. Its eight North American regions include 115 regionals and short lines in 41 states and four Canadian provinces.

As Genesee & Wyoming Inc. (G&W) marks its 40th anniversary this year, its leaders are reflecting on the holding company's top achievements and greatest successes. We pick the brains of CEO Jack Hellmann and other G&W executives to chart the company's rapid growth, learn what it took to become North America's largest short-line holding company and decipher the firm's future objectives.
Transit Agencies Take Steps to Implement Robust Programs
Cybersecurity is a broad term. A simple way to define it might be the protection of computer systems from theft or damage to their hardware, software or stored information, as well as from disruption or misdirection.

How are transit agencies faring with cybersecurity these days? We check in with several of them to chart the steps they're taking to implement robust programs. We also call on the Transportation Security Administration to describe a new working group it recently formed to address the topic.
New Orleans Public Belt Railroad Gears Up For Growth
In June, the city of New Orleans announced that the Port of New Orleans would take over the New Orleans Public Belt Railroad. In exchange, the railroad & which interchanges with six Class Is & would transfer two wharves to the city while continuing to serve the port. The deal's aim: to stimulate economic growth of the port and local industries.

How might the change of control boost the Public Belt's growth prospects? How is the railroad gearing up to prepare? For answers, we talk with railroad and local officials.
Passenger Rail:
High-Speed Rail is Coming to Texas
Texas Central Partners is making progress on the $12 billion-plus plan to build the Texas Central High-Speed Railway, a 240-mile high-speed rail line between Dallas and Houston. We talk with Texas Central execs about the status of the privately funded bullet-train project, which would be among the first new privately funded passenger rail lines to operate in the United States.
Product and Service Roundup:
Rail Safety
Safety is the No. 1 priority for railroads. Each year, they invest millions of dollars on products and services to protect employees, tracks, trains and other assets. Safety-related products include everything from the latest grade crossing technology to track intrusion detection systems to roadway worker protection gear. We highlight a sampling of products and services railroads use to bolster safety.