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If your fleet's water tanks are not winterized adequately against freezing temperatures, it could cost you thousands in damage. The water in a diesel-electric locomotive’s cooling system or a passenger car’s potable water system could freeze and cause piping to crack and burst, resulting in unwanted delays and costly repairs. 
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ThermOmegaTech's solution to railroad freeze protection is simplistic, automatic, and completely mechanical, requiring no outside source of electricity to operate. This makes it ideal for any situation, even during a power outage.

ThermOmegaTech's thermostatic GURU® Plug is trusted by locomotive OEMs, all the Class Is, and major short-line locomotive operators in North America.
Self-operating, the GURU® Plug automatically monitors and responds to engine coolant temperature. As the temperature drops below the valve's set-point, the plug automatically snaps open,
draining the system before freezing can occur. 

Once the freeze danger passes, the GURU® Plug can be rearmed by warming up the cartridge and reinserting it into the hex nut. The water tank can then be refilled before returning the locomotive to service.
The GURU PC® valve is used on passenger cars to protect their water systems' supply toilets and galleys from freezing. This is a concern when the car's heat is turned off for switching locomotives, during layovers, or during a power outage.

This valve responds to ambient temperatures and automatically drains the water tanks if the temperature falls to the valve's set-point (35°F), preventing burst piping and frozen tanks.
Once power and heat are restored to the rail car, the GURU PC® valve will modulate closed, allowing the passenger car's water tank to be refilled before returning to service.

ThermOmegaTech® recommends using our electric heater assembly to quickly close the valve after activation to get the car back into service as soon as possible.

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Passenger Car
Freeze Protection
The GURU PC® valve continuously monitors ambient temperatures and automatically modulates open to drain a passenger car's potable water-bearing system if temperatures drop close to freezing.
Protect Your PC's
Freeze Protection
The GURU® Plug constantly monitors water temperatures and automatically snaps open to drain a diesel locomotive's engine cooling system should the temperature drop close to freezing.
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guru rebuild program
The GURU® Rebuild Program is an easy and economical way to restore your used GURUs to full functionality. 

We recommend replacing your GURUs every 18-24 months to prevent nuisance dumping.

Learn how our rebuild programs
can refurbish your valves for a significantly reduced price!

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