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Miner FCS — Ushering a New Era of Friction Cushioning

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Many railcars are inadequately protected by hydraulic cushioning devices. Energy is not efficiently managed, resulting in broken knuckles, hose separations and lading shifts--plus shortened life cycles and costly maintenance.

The Miner Friction Cushioning System—Miner FCS®—provides a solution that improves operations, protects assets and reduces costs.

The Miner FCS-C system uses two draft gears in a specialized tandem arrangement. It fits tightly in the railcar's pocket and minimizes free movement caused by slack. This reduces service interruptions and provides the flexibility to safely operate longer trains.

The Miner FCS substantially decreases run-in and run-out events by combining our draft gear friction technology with our patented TecsPak® spring material. This minimizes lading shifts, broken knuckles and hose separations—all causes for undesired stoppages and costly delays associated with hydraulic units.

It easily installs on refrigerated and standard box cars, steel coil cars, and on flat cars, including center-beam, bulkhead flats and general service flats.

Miner's Friction Cushioning System is a straightforward, reliable choice to meet your railcar cushioning needs. We've been collaborating with Class 1 railroads for several years in developing the Miner FCS. More than 4000 cars equipped with Miner FCS are currently in service, with a combined 100 million miles travelled.

Learn more about how Miner FCS improves operations, protects assets and reduces costs:

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