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Come see us at Railway Interchange Booth #5149

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For 50 years, DMF has been designing, manufacturing and delivering high quality railgear, customer service and engineering services to the railroads. This small, family-owned business has solidified its place as one of the key suppliers to the industry. Where we started to where we are today begs the question, “what’s next?” Well, that is for you all to find out.

We are focused on designing the next generation of railgear and products that address the needs of our customers. With tight work windows, maximizing operator efficiency and productivity on track are key to our innovations. Ideas that address getting on/off track faster, reducing downtime with parts availability, decreasing maintenance costs with improved designs are just a few samples of our recent offerings. But, enough about the past.

We are excited about the future of DMF products. The next 50 years will bring some needed innovations and build on the strong foundation we have built. Come see us at the Railway Interchange Show, Booth #5149 to see what we have in store.

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