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Safety is the #1 concern of the railroad industry.

Railcars contain hundreds of parts and critical components that must be inspected frequently to ensure safe and reliable operations. With more than 1.6 million railcars running on nearly 200,000 miles of track in North America, railroads and railcar owners are seeking advanced technologies to keep their operations safe, reliable, and efficient. Improving processes in this area is key to improving operating ratios.

RIP® through Railcar Inspections!
Making Safety Inspections Pay for Themselves

Duos Technologies Railcar Inspection Portal (RIP®) is an advanced, Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled railcar imaging system that produces high resolution images of railcars moving at track speeds. The wide array of crisply detailed images provides a comprehensive 360 degree "all-around" view of each railcar — the top, the sides and the hard to inspect undercarriage. All visible through an intuitive, streamlined user experience that allows mechanical railcar inspectors to efficiently scan trains, review railcars in detail and perform thorough inspections quickly and easily.

The RIP's optional AI detections help to elevate inspections to a highly automated process. Professionally developed AI inspection detection models are available to automatically target and identify a wide variety of railcar defects and anomalies—providing mechanical inspectors with alerts and notifications in advance. This greatly reduces the inspection cycle time by immediately drawing attention to the most critical areas.

Beyond simple imaging, the RIP is a comprehensive inspection solution with a proven record of success in streamlining railcar inspections.

Features / Benefits

  • Increase Safety—Employees, General Public & Customers
  • Reduce Cost of Risk—Liability, Repair & Replacement Costs
  • Decrease Dwell Times and Improve Equipment Turns
  • Improve Overall Fleet Health by Proactively Managing Car
    Repair Process
  • Accelerate Customer Communications and Regulatory Compliance

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