Winterize Your Locomotives & Passenger Cars
Are your locomotives and passenger cars winterized? With temperatures dipping below freezing, it's time to consider a freeze protection solution to protect your rail fleet from damage that can cost you thousands. 

Without proper freeze protection, the water tanks on your rolling stock are vulnerable to freezing when a locomotive's engine is shut off. If the water in a locomotive’s cooling system or a passenger car’s potable-water system freezes, it can cause piping to crack and burst, resulting in costly, expansive, and lengthy repairs, and delay schedules. 
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Freeze Protection You Can TRUST
ThermOmegaTech's solution to railroad freeze protection is simplistic, automatic, and completely mechanical, requiring no outside source of electricity to operate - making it ideal for any situation, even during a power outage.
Passenger Car
Freeze Protection
The GURU PC® valve continuously monitors ambient temperatures to automatically drain a passenger train's potable water-bearing system should the air temperature fall below the valve's set point. 
Protect Your PC's
GURU PC Case Study
Freeze Protection
The GURU® Plug is designed to constantly monitor water temperature and automatically snap open to drain a diesel locomotive's engine cooling system should the temperature drop close to freezing.
Protect Your Locomotives
GURU: Extreme Cold Test
Trusted by all the class 1's of the North American locomotive industry and the largest passenger railroad provider in the United States, the GURU® truly is the gold standard in railroad freeze protection. Any winterization procedure without the GURU® is incomplete.
Already Got Your GURUs?
ThermOmegaTech offers a GURU Rebuild Program, allowing customers to return their used GURU's to be cleaned, refurbished, and re-tested to like-new conditions at a discounted price to guarantee optimal performance in the field. 
Rebuild Your GURU's
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