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How do you successfully deal with the growing complexity of unionized workforce position management?



PST developed iTrakForce™ (iTF) as a web-based solution to automate the manual processes of maintaining positions, assignments, employee seniority, and employee qualifications. This solution allows rail companies to centralize the data needed to automate and manage all of their Non-Operational Union positions. This includes, but is not limited to, all of the Mechanical and Engineering Departments, Clerical, Signal, Dispatch, Longshore, and Yardmaster personnel.

With over 2000 role capabilities, the system provides a high level of configurability that allows for different views of the application for different roles in your organization. The five core functions of iTF are:

Assignment Management
Manage an employee's assignments for their current permanent assignment and any effective temporary assignments that they may have at any given time. Configuration controls allow what positions an employee can be assigned (bump process) based on their seniority, qualifications, and any restrictions they may have. Additionally, there is an Employee Inquiry Screen so they can view who to bump without conferring with management or their Union Representative.

Employee Seniority Management
Automate the process of determining roster ranking, same day ranking, adding seniority when employees are awarded positions, and removing seniority when required due to assignment, HR, or age.

Broadcast Messaging
Centralize all your broadcast messages and subsequent responses in one system. Broadcast Messaging allows you to manually or automatically create messages and send them to one or many users as well as send system-to-system messages.

Bulletin Management
This function allows management of your position bulletins from creation through evaluation and awarding of the bulletin. It controls the rule configuration to determine the information presented on each bulletin notification as well as the timing for evaluation and awarding. The bulletins are then automatically sent out to the field.

Employee Self-Service
Eliminates management or administration's need to call-in from the field to provide information to the employee. Each employee can view their qualifications, assignments, seniority, broadcast messages, history, and maintain their own Bid Cards. Employees can view their own bump listing and request their own bumps based on rules that you define in the iTF seniority profiles.


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