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Cold winter weather + moisture = a locomotives worst nightmare! As we are amid the freezing season, it is important to have your fleet winterized to ensure proper freeze protection for your diesel-locomotive's cooling water system. 

Freezing happens when the locomotive's engine is shut off and there is no heat to warm the water system, causing the fluid to expand as it turns to ice, potentially cracking system lines. This could result in expensive and lengthy repairs and interrupted schedules.

The GURU® Solution
ThermOmegaTech®'s thermostatic GURU® Plug is trusted by all the Class 1's, OEM's and major short-line locomotive operators in North America. Self-operating, the GURU® Plug automatically monitors and responds to engine coolant temperature. As temperature dips below the freezing set-point, the plug automatically snaps open, draining the system before freezing can occur. 

Once the freeze danger passes, the GURU® Plug can be rearmed by warming up the cartridge and reinserting it into the hex nut. The coolant water tank can then be refilled before returning the locomotive to service.
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GURU® - Tested and Proven to Perform

To test the limits of the GURU®, ThermOmegaTech® conducted an environmental exposure test using a Tenney Environmental Chamber to determine if extremely cold air temperatures could cause the GURU® Plug to nuisance dump when engine coolant water temperature is above the valve's release set-point. 
To simulate a functioning locomotive's engine coolant system, the test was conducted in a closed door chamber and monitored to keep a consistent 55°F (12.7°C) water flow through the valve tee at 1GPM.
After two hours of exposure, the GURU® remained closed. There were no instances of nuisance dumping above the GURU® Plug’s set-point due to the extreme cold air temperature or wind exposure.
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Return your GURU®'s to our facility after 18 months and we will refurbish and return it to you for a significantly reduced price!

The GURU® Rebuild Program is an easy and economical way to restore your used GURU® plugs to full functionality. 
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