In today's chaos, stability is crucial. For over 40 years, DMF has been serving the railroad industry with consistency expected from their customers.

  • On time delivery — Expect your product in days not months
  • Spare Parts — Inventory on hand - get your urgent part within 24hrs
  • Quality — Industry leading 2-year warranty on select products
  • Support — Over 50 years combined of engineering and service expertise
  • Trust — Proven designs keeping you safe on track

As we move into 2021, be assured that DMF has your goals in mind. We continue to focus on innovation that will address 3 major categories: Safety Improvements, Cost Reduction - Maintenance, Quality Sustainability. We initiated this plan in 2020 with the development of the RW1650EX railgear for excavators which improved lateral stability. We also introduced the automatic locking system for the standard RW1630 railgear. Lastly, the new hydrostatic front railgear system with wireless remote was launched with success.

Thank You for entrusting DMF with one of the most critical products in railroad management. We look forward to supporting you in 2021 and beyond.

— The DMF Team

Information Courtesy of Diversified Metal Fabricators