Tradeshow Express 2019 | September 22-25, 2019 | Minneapolis, MN
Railway Equipment Co

New Automated Grade Crossing Test

  • Perform grade crossing inspections remotely or on-site without the need to take the crossing out of service
  • Monitors and records: all lights working, gate arm position, battery cell voltages while under load without power from the charger, audible alarm, no grounds present
  • Programmable settings allow for adjustment of: length of test, load placed on batteries
  • Crossing test will immediately stop upon: test time expired, crossing activation, low battery levels, fault detected
  • Local storage capacity allows for over a year's worth of test data
  • Information can be fed on-demand to railroads' central system via SNMP
Railway Equipment Co

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Railway Equipment Company (RECO) is a leading manufacturer of quality signal and communication equipment for freight and transit railroads. RECO offers a complete line of Magnum Track Switch Heaters, E Z Gate® Arms & LED Lamps, Cragg Railcharger® Battery Chargers, and Remote Monitoring & Control Systems. We focus solely on the railroad industry and no other. As remote monitoring specialists, our solutions offer railroads the ability to remotely monitor and control trackside assets via web-based applications.

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