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In addition to "Inside Intermodal", β€œOn-Time Rail Service and PSR" and "The Innovation Incubator" general sessions, EXPO has seven educational opportunities delivering insights tailored to railroads. Check out a few highlights focused on your issues:

  • On-Time Service and PSR: What Does it Mean for Intermodal? β€” What does precision intermodal look like and what are the implications for the railroads' intermodal partners such as dray carriers, terminal operators, 3PLs and shippers?
  • What Does Precision Scheduled Railroading Mean for Dray? β€” As the nation's intermodal networks realign, one emerging trend is a renewed focus on both rubber-tire transfer and large hub terminals, often located in rural areas.
  • The Role of Shortlines in Intermodal How will the move towards simpler intermodal networks inherent in Precision Scheduled Railroading impact shortlines? 
Supported by Progressive Railroading, EXPO's education, dialogue and connections bring together all the major intermodal stakeholders. Early Bird registration ends 6/28!

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Information Courtesy of IANA Intermodal EXPO