Railway Interchange 2017
Railway Interchange 2017 | September 17-20 | Indianapolis, IN

Invest in Your Track Workers with a Superior RWP System

Your crew works hard and safety is important to them, but are your existing roadway worker protection safety rules enough?

"Close-calls" happen more often than you think. Complacency, distractions, and mistakes can all play a role in a potential fatal accident. But what can you do to supplement your roadway worker protection safety rules?

Railway Interchange 2017


Miller Ingenuity's ZoneGuard provides an extra layer of protection to roadway workers, whether they are a lone worker or part of a crew. This electronic RWP was engineered after dozens of discussions with customers, many of whom have already implemented legacy solutions and are demanding better performance. ZoneGuard's flexibility benefits unique operating environments and challenging scenarios including through long curves, within high noise urban environments, under high power lines, and across multiple tracks and long protection zones.

In addition to ZoneGuard, Miller will also feature other rail safety products including:

ReLok: Miller is the exclusive distributor of this revolutionary fastener system. Vibration-proof, reliable and reusable.

EveRRay: The only crossing signal light with a 10-year warranty. This LED has over 125,000 units in the field today.

Please visit us next week at Railway Interchange in booth #3579.
Experience ZoneGuard in a virtual reality demo and take home your very own Google Cardboard VR Headset (while supplies last)!

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Visit Miller Ingenuity at Railway Interchange 2017 - booth #3579