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Overcome Soft Soil Challenges in Intermodal & Rail Operations
Chronic maintenance in bulk transfer and intermodal yards is a common problem—especially in soft soil areas where pavement degradation and deep rutting is the result of soft ground, high impact loading and heavy stresses. There is a proven solution for stabilizing yards subjected to these conditions—the solution is the GEOWEB® soil stabilization system.

The GEOWEB 3D confinement system stabilizes infill and effectively distributes loading--and has been solving challenging soil stability problems in the rail / intermodal industries for 35 years.

Also a proven ballast reinforcement solution for soft soil areas, the GEOWEB system offers fast installation without the need for special equipment or labor, significantly reducing downtime of rail operations.

GEOWEB<sup>®</sup> system

CHALLENGE 1: Intermodal Yard Pavement Life
Class I Railroads and Short Lines utilize the GEOWEB system to stabilize and repair their asphalt or concrete yards damaged by heavy loading stresses and harsh winter weather.  The GEOWEB system offers benefits for better performance, lower cost, and lower overall maintenance.

GEOWEB<sup>®</sup> system

CHALLENGE 2: Ballast Subgrade Reinforcement
Soft, saturated subgrade under track causes increased maintenance, speed reduction and even derailment in severe cases. By containing sub-ballast material, the GEOWEB system delivers reinforcement, resisting movement and washout. The system also reduces the subballast section up to 50% and essentially eliminates long-term maintenance. Installs 2-3 times faster, and at up to half the cost of asphalt.

GEOWEB<sup>®</sup> system

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