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Combating Soft Soil Challenges in Rail Operations

The GEOWEB® 3D soil stabilization system has been successfully employed in the rail industry for over 30 years solving challenging soil stability problems. The system is quick to install without special equipment or labor, limiting downtime of rail operations. The GEOWEB 3D confinement system is a proven, versatile solution especially beneficial in soft soil environments and high impact areas that are subjected to heavy stresses.

CHALLENGE 1: Intermodal Yard Pavement Life-Cycle Costs

Class I Railroads and Short Lines utilize the GEOWEB system to stabilize and repair their asphalt or concrete yards damaged by heavy loading stresses and harsh weather. The GEOWEB system offers benefits for better performance, lower cost, and lower overall maintenance.

Allows use of lower quality aggregate-reduces installation costs.

Prevents infill movement which increases load bearing capacity for paved areas in crane and stacked container areas.

Extends pavement life and decreases long term maintenance costs.

CHALLENGE 2: Ballast Subgrade Reinforcement

Soft, saturated subgrade under track causes speed reduction and even derailment in severe cases. The confining characteristics of the GEOWEB technology delivers reinforcement, containing sub-ballast material and making the infill resistant to movement, washout, and decreasing cross section depth and long-term maintenance.

Reduces vertical stresses and differential settlement, allowing for a reduction of the subballast section up to 50%.

Compared to Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA), the GEOWEB system installs 2-3 times faster, with less equipment, and at up to half the cost.

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