Railway Interchange 2015
Railway Interchange 2015 | October 4-7 | Minneapolis, MN

Another innovation from Lewis Bolt & Nut Company

Set-Up impression

Lewis Bolt & Nut Company is North America's leading Manufacturer of fasteners for the rail industry.

A few examples of the vast product line for track include: Frog & Switch Bolts, Track Bolts, and now the new Line of LT-1 Drive on Rail Anchors. In addition LBN produces the number one screw spike sold in North America, the patented Evergrip® Spike. For structures, Lewis now produces the brand new patent pending Quick-Set® Hook Bolt System. This innovative design is extremely fast as well as safe to install. Each bolt takes as little as 5 minutes or less for complete installation.

To see a video presentation as well as a sample of the Quick-Set® please visit us at booth 4653 at Railway Interchange in Minneapolis MN.

Visit Us at Booth #4653 at Railway Interchange 2015