Railway Interchange 2015
Railway Interchange 2015 | October 4-7 | Minneapolis, MN

GE Lighting Brings Innovation and Cutting Edge Technology to Railway Interchange 2015

If you haven't been keeping up with railway news, now is the time to get caught up. Railway Interchange of 2015 is taking place in Minneapolis, Minnesota and GE Lighting is bringing some new and exciting demonstrations to the show.

Railway Interchange 2015 impression Set-Up

Products including their robust and reliable grade crossing signals as well as their newer advancements in railway technology such as the Tricolor are expected to be there. You can get a firsthand experience and see all products up close and personal. GE Lighting, Booth 1661, is also expected to bring their latest innovation to the product offerings; the signal retrofit for Transit and Railroad Waysides.

This one of a kind product is the newest retrofit solution to the GE Lighting LED railway family and is creating all the buzz. One white LED module is a fit for all colors, utilizing the lens and color filter of the existing housing. The latest product offers easy installation and alignment and is sure to reduce inventory and maintenance costs. Backed by GE reliability and GE warranty, the retrofit white LED solution for Transit and Railroad Waysides also meets selected AREMA recommended practices*.

* as detailed in the design compliance table.

Visit GE Lighting at Booth 1661 at the Railway Interchange to see the Tricolor, and the Transit and Railroad Signal Retrofits