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3D Soil Confinement System Delivers
Sub Grade Support and Settlement Control
For over 30 years, the GEOWEB® soil stabilization system has been successfully employed in the rail and intermodal industries to solve challenging soil stability problems for new construction and rehabilitation work. The GEOWEB 3D confinement system is a proven, versatile solution, especially beneficial in soft soil environments subjected to heavy stresses and areas with the potential for short and long term settlement.

To meet ever increasing demands for their services, Florida East Coast Railway (FEC) constructed a new, state of the art intermodal facility adjacent to Port of Everglades located in Fort Lauderdale. The design build project was a cooperative effort between FEC and Milord Company. The facility was the first in southeastern Florida to use roller compacted concrete to support heavy loadings throughout the port area.

To control differential settlement adjacent to the gantry crane ways which were supported by auger-cast piles, Presto worked with lead engineer EMH&T to develop the Geoweb solution to improve long term performance and save installation cost. With the unique benefits of cellular confinement, Gonzales and Sons, the installation contractor was allowed to substitute a lesser quality, on-site coarse, screened sand. The use of on-site material resulted in the savings of both time and money.

The Geoweb system behaves like a semi-rigid slab which improves load distribution and reduces vertical stresses reaching the sub grade. The end result will be a more durable sub grade that increases pavement life by limiting long term settlement and consolidation.

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